Implantology – one of leading fields of dentistry, focusing on reconstruction of missing teeth without grinding and burdening any of the adjacent teeth thanks to the use of intra-osseous implants.

Implants are a very convenient solution. They can allow for an introduction of singular teeth or entire arches permanently, without removing already existing prosthesis. They can also serve as support for complex dental restorations. Each procedure is planned out individually for each of our patients.

What are implants? Implants are intraosseous inserts made of titanium, a biocompatible material, which does not cause allergies and is easily tolerated by the body. Implants provide a stable base for subsequent restorations such as ceramic crowns or bridges. Treatment of prosthetic implants is planned out individually according to the clinical situation and the needs of our patient. They ensure full capability when chewing, rebuild deficiencies between teeth and guarantee an optimal and aesthetic effect. Intraosseous implants, prosthetic components, substructures, ceramic crowns and bridges we use are of the the highest quality.

Each of our implants comes with a certificate and implant passports as proof of their excellent quality. Everything is done under full warranty and full safety for the bone to fully accept the implant.

Treatment options:

  • implantation of the implant for the reconstruction of a single crown,
  • implantation of several implants with the help of prosthetic reconstruction  bridges,
  • implantation of prosthetic reconstructing implants, that are held in place by precise retention elements,
  • augmentation of the alveolar jaw bone and the jaw,
  • guided bone regeneration using biomaterials, barrier membranes and biologically active compounds,
  • raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus in difficult anatomical conditions.

Our clinic cooperates with the Swiss group – Institut Straumann AG.

They are a global leader in implant dentistry and periodontal tissue regeneration. The highest standards of quality are maintained throughout the production process. Their knowhow has been gained over more than half a century of research. Their precision fit components are measured in thousandths of a millimeter. It’s that precision that is the foundation making Straumann implants the safest treatment possible.


Text and images used with permission from Straumann AG.