Internal illnesses are one of the two definining factors of our practice. Your health is being looked after by our two internal illnesses specialists: dr. Karolina Rudzińska and Jolanta Prawda Grabowska.

Our services include:

  • diagnosis – as part of diagnosis, you can count on:
    blood pressure measurements
    blood sugar level monitoring.
  • prevention – we promote a healthy and active lifestyle,
  • preparing a dietary plans for the following types of patients:
    healthy – to keep the current healthy and rational lifestyle,
    overweight – to reduce the weight, cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the patient’s blood,
    diabetics – to achieve balanced levels of glucose,
    with additional ilnesses (like kidney, pancreas or liver problems) that require a special dietary plan.
  • we request periodic checkups,
  • treatment – we conduct compehensive treatments of our patients. We direct them to specialists, all depending on the individual needs of each patient,
  • adjustments of hypotensive treatment plans – we adjust the treatment based on blood pressure measurements,
  • we monitor the levels of glucose for patients with diagnosed diabetes and adjust the medication and dosages,
  • when necessary, we direct the diagnostics and schedule hospitalization,
  • outpatient treatment – we provide outpatient treatment for customers with a history of hospitalization and surgery.
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