Periodontology is a branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of periodontal tissues, or tissues surrounding the tooth and changes in the oral mucosa. It’s a rapidly growing field of science, giving the possibility of precise and effective treatment of periodontitis, diseases of the mucous membranes and muco-gingival defects.

Healthy periodontium is an indicator of a healthy, neat mouth and of the condition of the entire body. Inflammation of the periodontal tissues, the presence of calculus, deep periodontal pockets and mobile, unstable teeth undoubtedly affect the general condition of the body. They all often impact the speed of deterioration of the patient’s health, especially with concomitant underlying diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, thyroid disease and others. Currently, even with advanced periodontitis, severe destruction of tissue and severe mobility of teeth, it still is possible to control the progression and administer effective treatment.

Therapy methods allow for the immobilization of teeth, use of targeted regeneration techniques for soft tissues and bone. Periodontal treatment is often a part of a comprehensive treatment of the patient in conjunction with orthodontics, implants and prosthetics.

Periodontics also create an opportunity to augment the line of gums, cover exposed roots, lengthen crowns, reattach bridles, manage pockets created by extracted teeth so that the soft tissue and bone alveolar ridge deformations are avoided. All of these treatments, as part of a comprehensive treatment, make it possible to obtain the optimum state of a patient’s mouth, resulting in the overall health and well-being.