The Planmeca Dixi3 Digital Radiography enables dentists to work in the most ergonomic way possible. A doctor can concentrate on their patient, since the procedure of taking an X-Ray is significantly simplified.

  • Our Planmeca Intra X-Ray is fully integrated with the Planmeca Dixi 3 system: we can control the machine via a panel in the software.
  • All of the cabling going to the X-Ray are placed inside the device. The Planmeca Dixi3 sensor is placed in the device’s lamp.
  • Thanks to a hermetic seal, the sensor is protected from bacteria and mechanical damage. This made the sensor 80% more resistant when compared to the previous generation.
  • The sensor chip is protected by an optical fibre filter ensuring high quality of digital pictures.


  • The Planmeca Dixi 3 sensor chip is protected by an optical fibre filter. Thanks to the filter, the sensor can produce the highest quality images with minimal interference from the device itself.
  • The sensor has been designed so it does not have any sharp edges, which avoids accidental data loss.


  • The sensor is always ready to take pictures and does not need to communicate with the PC each time you want to take an image.
  • The image appears on the screen 1-4 seconds after it’s taken. Direct digital X-Ray saves time and minimizes the danger of contamination comparing to other techniques.


  • The sensor is hermetically sealed, which protects it from mechanical damage, humidity, bacteria and electrical interference.
  • To meet the most rigoristic standards of sanitary safety, the Planmeca Dixi 3 sensor is completely submerged in disinfectant.
  • A 5 year sensor protection program ensures the safety of working with Planmeca Digital X-Ray.


  • The newest Planmeca Dimaxis software is an easy to use image processing tool aiding diagnosis. It features an image optimization filter and a comparison tool to aid in finding even the smallest changes to bone structures in a series of X-Ray images.
  • The Solid application is used in conjunction with the X-Ray in order to protect the clinical data. Solid is a world leading solution for image and data storage.
  • Planmeca DICOM (Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine) is fully compatible with the ADA standard and can work with any healthcare management software.